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Fingerprint and face unlock: WhatsApp becomes safer

With new blocking methods it will soon be even easier to protect WhatsApp against unauthorized access. The popular messenger can be locked in the future with the fingerprint or face recognition to hide the private messages from strangers.

The new features for WhatsApp are still in the testing phase. The first details are already fixed, and users of the beta version of WhatsApp could soon enjoy the extended locking methods. WhatsApp, if the user configures it, will only be invokable when the user logs in with one of the biometric identifiers.

Among other things, this behavior is known by banking apps, where it is advisable to use additional security procedures. When the app is opened, the system first asks for the fingerprint or face recognition before the actual content is revealed. This is especially useful if you have not locked your smartphone itself or briefly presses another person in hand. When exactly WhatsApp begins to distribute the new feature, is currently not fixed. 

Source: WABetaInfo