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The LG OLED TV R rolls in the stand-by

If you see the new TV from LG, you will be completely off the role. While the OLED TV R looks like a conventional soundbar in standby mode, it rolls out to the full size of 65 inches in TV mode. We collected technical data, first price information and some videos from the new 4K TV.

Since almost every TV is somehow smart, and even technologies like HDR or 4K cost no more assets, TV manufacturers have to come up with something new. LG had already shown something in the back room of CES last year that has the potential to be a hit. This year, the roll-out TV finally came on the big stage.

The new model is LG Signature OLED TV R; the currently frequently scanned 65-inch version corresponding to 65R9. Priced, the TV R will be located above the 88-inch 8K OLED Z9, rumored to be in the small five-digit range. In the first comments, the reader’s joke, LG’s new TV “make room in your driveway”, finally you have to sell the car for his purchase.

The LG OLED TV 65R9 is only three millimeters thick when it is extended. In standby, the fragile display is protected in the inconspicuous aluminum box, which also acts as a soundbar. The display supports popular HDR standards and adjusts the contrast and color palette to the ambient light. The soundbar offers 100 watts of music power and 4.1 Dolby Atmos. The sound is also intelligently optimized by LG’s Alpha 9 processor.

The software is based on webOS 4.5. The LG OLED TV R integrates into the Smart Home via Alexa, AirPlay 2, HomeKit or Google Assistant. For certain functions, such as music control, you can put the TV in Line View. Only a small part of the screen rolls out, showing only the essential controls and information.

LG has not yet announced when and at what specific price of the LG OLED TV R will come on the market.

Source: Tom’s Guide